Imperative and Importance

Global interests in volunteerism has risen substantially to the degree that in some countries, volunteering is being intentionally created and significant economic and social returns are being obtained out of it. Volunteering has become one of the most important pillars in sustainable development and achieving national visions. This is because of the prominent role volunteering plays in the advancement of contemporary societies, the strengthening of social cohesion among citizens and increasing productivity by developing competencies and empowering volunteers to participate actively in the progress of their societies.

The world has been shifting toward making skills, instead of certificates, the basis of employment standards. Volunteering is one of the most important means to contribute to enhancing and developing skills among young people by giving them the opportunity to work in a variety of fields and specializations. This enables them to accumulate functional experiences through practice and contact with others who have experience and competence.

In light of this sensitive phase, the world is going through, and considering the circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, the call came to launch a conference targeting "volunteering in universities", to contribute to spread the awareness of the importance of volunteering and community work, and the need to move it from being a convention onto a wider horizon through innovative technical methods to achieve the best results, especially in student communities and universities.

How does the world see volunteering and volunteers?

Fundamental/ Essential Problem

The 1st Bevol International Conference on Volunteering in Universities addresses several issues raised by the world's real-world contexts, as well as the current situation that young people are facing in order to maintain their stability and balance.


We live in a world characterized by the speed and depth of change, as well as its spatial and temporal capacity, which necessitates that the field of university education keep pace with this pace by developing mechanisms and tools that are commensurate with the spirit of the times, with a focus on the importance of initiative and the preservation of societal values.



According to some development studies, the psychological and social effects of the Corona pandemic may last until 2030, and what we are concerned about in our conference is examining the implications for university students and the magnitude of these effects, tracing their effects, and offering effective treatments for their consequences.



In the universities and scientific academies, there is a debate about the areas of knowledge and application doses that should be incorporated into the student's curriculum. However, almost everyone agrees on the importance of skills, opportunities, support, and services for university students. The conference is here to help bridge this gap and provide an incubator environment for an integrated emergence.


Targeted Groups/ Category

Teaching and administrative staff at universities

Students and actors in volunteering work at public and private universities

Innovators and initiators of unique community works and volunteering experiences

Mentors and supervisors at student and youth clubs

Purposes and Objectives

Knowledge and awareness

Main Objective:

Raising awareness of the latest volunteering methodologies and building their skills among students in universities.

Secondary Objectives/ Sub Objectives:

  • Review the latest reports, studies and researches.
  • Explaining the most prominent volunteer experiences and initiatives.
  • Providing an opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge.
  • Emphasis on the universities' social responsibility and the importance of converting them into applied programs.

Communicate and interaction

Main Objective:

Building an interactive community among university students interested in skilled volunteering.

Secondary Objectives/ Sub Objectives:

  • Providing space for networking as well as exploring of efforts.
  • Emphasis on the concepts of partnership and networking, in order to enhance professional volunteering and develop skills.
  • Sustaining interaction and communication between participants and beneficiaries.

Innovation and production

Main Objective:

Developing a culture of innovation and production among university students in the fields of volunteering and community initiative.

Secondary Objectives/ Sub Objectives:

  • Enabling students to launch innovative initiatives in various fields of volunteering and community service.
  • Motivating universities to adopt incubation programs for talented people and distinguished creative initiatives.

Success Stories

Distinguished volunteering experiences and community initiatives

Universities and volunteering teams can apply to participate in presenting the success stories of unique community initiatives or volunteering experiences carried out by groups of students (based on the criteria specified for participation), noting that at the end of the conference, a best presentation will be awarded.

Research Papers For The Conference

It must be noted that the special nature of this conference is concerned with practical models and applications, and not the traditional academic research on the subject, i.e. from the perspective of one of the humanities sciences and studies (psychology / sociology / education..etc).

Consequently, priority is given to papers with a suggested proposal to activate university volunteering, at one or all of its levels, in the manner of creating an intellectual conception, &/or its practical implementation mechanisms, ways of governing it, measuring its performance and impact, and practical or experimental models for it.


Events and Deliverables (Outcomes)

Initiatives Guide

Initiatives Guide

A university guide for initiatives in volunteer work and social entrepreneurship.

Interactive forum

Interactive forum

Interactive forum to be responsible for enhancing communication and interaction among the members.

Digital Academy

Digital Academy

The launching of Bevol International Digital Academy for professional volunteering and skills building.